If You Thought Our Love Island Was Saucy, Take A Look At The German TV Version


Love Island took over everyone’s lives this summer, and kind of made Big Brother look like an unadventurous reality TV sibling.

The ITV show was full to the brim of nudity, sex and drunken brawls – sounds like my kind of weekend. But it was too naughty for some members of the British public, who regularly reported it to Ofcom.

VIDEO: Secrets of Haunted Island

But if they thought our islanders were bad, they definitely shouldn’t bother downloading the German version where a requirement of most of the tasks was that they had to do it in the buff. Like, as the rules. Why do people go on these shows again?


Tasks involve naked massaging, naked groping and just getting completely naked upon arrival. I’m guessing maybe the German translation was ‘Naked Island’ and someone in production got a bit confused?


It definitely makes Emma-Marie Woodham and Terry Walsh look like complete prudes.



Will you be seeking out Germany’s Love Island, or do you think sticking to porn might be a cleaner option? Let us know in the comments. 

H/T: Metro

Images: RTL Television

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