Alcoholic Ice Cream Is Now A Thing


Foodies and fans of booze, that dream you never knew you had just came true. 

Alcoholic ice-cream is a thing.

This isn’t just ice-cream slightly flavoured with a lick of rum. No. This is ice-cream that you can actually get drunk off, provided that you eat enough of it.

By the looks of the various different flavours, eating enough shouldn’t be a problem…

Rainnnnnnny ☔️☔️☔️ days 📸 @fortheloveoffood_

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Yasssss chocolate 🍫 ❌ tequila 🍹 ❌ ice cream 🍦 @foragersnyc #chelsea 22nd and 8th!

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@nycfoodchaser makes the bestttttt b😀😀ZY 🍦 sundaes ☑️

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Feeling like #FALL but we are still having boozy 🍦🍧 for lunch 😜 📸 @foooodieee

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@wholefoodsnyc #bowery carries the v. #best 🍦

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Anyone else feeling hungry?

The company also make alcohol cakes, a slice of which is equivalent to one light beer.

The only bad news is that (for now), the alcoholic ice-cream is only available in the USA. It’s yet to cross the pond, meaning that it’s going to be difficult for us Brits to get our hungry hands onto it.

Given its popularity, however, we don’t think that it’ll be too long coming…

Images via Tipsy Scoop

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