"I'll Eat A Bit Of Carpet": GBBO Was Absolutely Full Of Filthy Innuendos Last Night


Who’d have thought that 81-year-old Mary Berry would end up being the filthiest thing on British telly last night?ย 

But that’s the thing with Great British Bake Off. It lures you in to thinking you’re going to be watching a baking programme, and then someone who could definitely be a posh version of your Grandma yells out, “I’ll eat a bit of carpet.” I bet you would Grandma…

Twitter was obviously awash with GBBO watchers who couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed:

In actual fact, poor Mary was just referring to a delicious bit of gingerbread carpet from Candice’s intricate church design. Obviously. But that wasn’t the only filth to fall from the cookery show last night. Candice also asked for Mel to, “grab her jugs” – cheeky.

Then Paul Hollywood, the sly old fox, told Susan he thought her “sister tastes lovely”…

I think he’s referring to the gingerbread version, but I can’t be sure. Then this happened:

I’m done.

Next up on next week’s Bake Off: Just a full on orgy in the flour with a few rolling pins thrown in.ย 

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