Love Island Have Announced That There Will Be One Extra Episode


Love Island is the TV show that we all hate to love. You don’t like to admit it, but you watch it every single night. Don’t try and lie to me, I know the truth.

When I heard about the show, I put in the same group as Big Brother in my head. One of those shows you know is on but don’t really watch because meh. Then all of a sudden, everyone is watching Love Island.

So it’s no surprise that ITV have decided to give the people what they want, and announced a new episode called ‘Love Island: Heading Home’, which will follow the couples as they meet for the first time back in the real world.

This exciting post-villa episode will air at 9pm on Sunday 17 July the episode, and will ‘see the couples go on dates or film in each other’s houses and cameras will follow their every move’.

Setting the bar high there ITV, we’ve all got high hopes now.

A ‘show insider’ (aka. their PR team) told The Sun:

‘Love Island is enjoying incredible ratings and doing a follow-up show was a no-brainer.

The islanders’ stresses on the show are nothing compared to the pressure in the outside world. We’ll see who flourishes and who flounders.’

The current series of the reality show ends on Monday night, and will see couples Nathan and Cara, Kady and Scott, Adam and Katie, and Olivia and Alex battle it out to be crowned this year’s island champions. And take home a tidy £50,000.

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