Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Have 'Split Up'


I’ve always thought about just how awkward it must be when famous people break up.

Imagine if you were going through a bit of a rough patch; the sex has stopped, you can’t agree what to watch on Netflix and you’re in some awkward, heated stand-off over a pile of washing up. Then a source (which you can only assume is one of your best mates, because who else knows about these nitty little details) goes and tells TMZ or Perez Hilton, and suddenly everyone knows.  Like, everyone in the Western world who has a phone or a computer knows.


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Surely then you’d just decide to call it a day anyway, because it’d be too much effort to tell everyone who already knew that actually you were just having one of those petty patches that everyone – including world famous DJs and singers – have from time to time…

calvin and taylor

Maybe that’s what happened to Calvin and Taylor, and now a “source” has announced that the pair have split after fifteen months together. Why? Well I’ve seen everything from him just not being that into her, to “the pair being more friends than lovers“, to writers drawing on his recent car crash as a reason and then of course the Twitter reacts: Love is Dead style posts.

Taylor Swift + Adam Wiles

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So if all these sources are to be believed then the romance appears to be over. One things for sure, being one half of a break-up can only be described as sh*t. So being part of a break-up, where everyone has a vested interested in getting to the bottom of who screwed over who the most, can’t be much fun. Queue the speculations on which tracks on their next album belongs to the heartache, the “awkward moments” when they share a glance at an award ceremony and the backlash from their fandom’s when they get new partners.

But that’s the price of being a celebrity, right?

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