People Are Massively Freaking Out Over This Pic Of Mark Zuckerberg And "The Future"


Facebook – in all its amazing technical glory –  has always freaked me out a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love stalking old boyfriends and letting people know where I am at all times as much as the next social media addict. But every time Facebook asks me to “wish a friend well” on their birthday or tells me that someone I went to school with is “attending an event near me” later that day, I kind of want to scream “get off my back, Mark” at my phone.

But then, you probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Facebook and I might not even have my job, so I should really be grateful and bow down to “our new overlord” Mark Zuckerberg’s marvelous invention. Oh, you weren’t aware that that’s what he’s known by now? Well prepare to be freaked out, as you stare into all of our futures via this tweet:

Apparently everyone is losing their physical marbles over this pic, which shows old Mark strolling through a crowd of cyborgs tech journalists flaunting the latest in virtual reality headsets at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Spain. Mark made a surprise appearance to talk about the Samsung’s Gear VR product, and hinted that Facebook and the phone company will be working closer together in future.

You can even ride “roller coasters” using the kit…

One Twitter user, Nicholas Debock, got super deep when describing his feelings about the post:

Are you creeped out? Or just amazed by it all? Let us know in the comments. 

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