This Incredible Fan Theory Explains How Every Season Of American Horror Story Is Connected


With Asylum’s Pepper popping up in Freak Show, and the Coven’s own Queenie checking into the Hotel Cortez, we’ve pretty much figured out by now that the different series of American Horror Story are all somehow linked. 

Creator Ryan Murphy even confirmed it back in 2014:

“They’re all connected. There’s definitely a rhyme or a reason and a connectedness to all of these seasons… They’re all very separate but there are clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined.”

So, with that in mind, fans are always looking out for said clues and connections. And it looks like one Jacqueline Bircher may have figured out how it’s all interlinked…


In what is the most convincing fan theory we’ve come across yet, Jacqueline suggests that American Horror Story is a modern day Dante’s Inferno.

(For those of us rusty on what that is, Dante gets led through the nine circles of hell, with each circle dedicated to a specific type of sin. Those sins are limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery, and, for example, a sinner who’s been violent will go to the violence circle, where they’ll be subjected to a lifetime of – horrific violence.)

The same way that Dante’s Inferno has nine specific circles, each series of American Horror Story centres around one specific place. In Murder House it’s – yes – the murder house, in Asylum, the asylum, then in Coven we have Madame Robichaux’s, then Elsa’s Freak Show and the Hotel Cortez.


Jacqueline goes on to point out that each series is centred around one particular sin. So, in Murder House, you have lust. Ben cheated on Vivien, Larry had an affair with Constance, whose husband raped Moira. Tate raped Vivien, Patrick cheated on Chad.. The theme is definitely lust.

Then in Asylum, you have fraud. The Catholic Church is corrupt, Oliver Thredson is an imposter – as is Dr. Arden – and even Lana found herself in the Asylum as a result of her lies.

If you’re not convinced, then look at Freak Show. The ‘sin’ in that ‘circle’ is greed. Elsa is so greedy for fame that she’ll do anything – even sell out her beloved freaks – to get it, and Stanley and Maggie do a lot of killing just to get some extra cash.


This theory is supported by the fact that the same actors play different characters in each series. Maybe they’re the same souls being pushed through the separate circles, each being punished for all their different sins?

We’ve also had ‘treachery’, with Coven (the witches frequently betray each other), and gluttony, with Hotel. That leaves limbo, heresy, violence, and anger. If season six focuses on one of those, then that’ll pretty much confirm Jacqueline’s theory. And also suggest that we’ve got a fair few series left to come…

If you want to read the theory in full, head over to Red Herry.

Are you convinced by this theory?

Image Sources: Wikia, Tumblr, Playbuzz, Movie Pilot, Cinemuckblog

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