Nightclub Absolutely Tortured This Man After He Begged Them To Take Down A Photo Of Him With His Ex


If you’ve had a particularly messy night, you probably want to just forget about it. 

Forget whatever embarrassing drunk chats you had with your mates, forget how many times you stumbled, or just completely fell, over and forget about whatever regrettable decisions you no doubt made.

Well, after one especially raucous night, one man woke up to find that he wouldn’t be able to forget bumping into his ex-girlfriend…

Level nightclub in Bolton had posted a picture of him, with her, online. He wrote them a Facebook message, begging them to take it down before his current girlfriend saw it, but that didn’t exactly go to plan:


Tweeting a screenshot of his message, as well as posting it to Facebook, Level suggested that the man (whose name they were kind enough to blur out) drop off ten grand and a bag of haribo tangfastics, or they’d make the picture their profile.

But, after a bit more begging, they deleted the evidence.

So the man’s secret stays safe. Whatever happened between him and his ex, we’ll never know.

That is to say, unless one of the ten thousand people who have liked Level’s post connects some dots and figures out who this mystery man is.

Then, he could be in trouble…

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