57 Stone Couple Vow To Lose Weight So They Can Have Sex For The First Time


Unless you’re some kind of sexual supremo, getting down to the more challenging positions in the bedroom can end up giving you the hump, rather than the horn.¬†

Some people’s genitals just aren’t meant to bend that way, OK!

But for married couple Lin Yue and Deng Yeng, both 30, sex has been a challenge, full stop. The pair, who live in China have never officially consummated their marriage… no one should have a five year drought when they’re first married.


They’ve never been able to bump uglies because of their massive combined weight of 57 stone (800 pounds). But now the pair have decided they want to start a family, and if I learnt anything from GCSE biology, it’s that a large dose of the rumpy pumpy is needed.

The pair will undertake gastric bypass surgery, but a doctor in their hometown of Changchun has told them they’ll need to work on their fitness beforehand. Nothing like a bit of dry-humping to work up a sweat.

We hope they’re getting ‘at’ it faster than we learn to say orgasm in Chinese.¬†

H/T: Cosmopolitan 

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