This Is How Facebook Is Making It Easier To Get Over Your Ex



Breakups are horrible from start to finish. First the arguing, tears, exchanging of that comfy t-shirt you stole/you gave them and then the awkward “shall we make ourselves Facebook unofficial, then?” conversation. 

Facebook, with the inevitable hours of stalking, trimming profile pictures and the difficult decision of whether to unfriend your exes mum, has made breakups way more complicated and lengthy than they need to me.

In the seventies, I imagine, you called your ‘lover lover’ up from a payphone, told them you didn’t dig their flares anymore and arranged to meet up to get your David Bowie record back. Then you’d walk away blissfully aware that you’d probably never see this person again, and you’d have moved on by the time the next discotheque came around.

Luckily, all that unnecessary drama is about to come to the end as Facebook announced yesterday that they are testing a new way to avoid stumbling upon your ex on your news feed. Cheers, Mark!



You’ll still have to do the whole becoming “un-official” thing, but then you’ll have the option to change your settings so that you don’t have to see your exes “I’m so happy I’m single again” smiling face on your newsfeed. This means that without having to unfriend – so you can still have a quick stalk when you want to – your ex won’t pop up in your news feed, or in suggestion friends when you go to tag someone.

You can also amend your profile so that they can’t see your posts, unless their tagged with your exes name or shared with a mutual friend. And you can merrily untag away from all those statuses and photos from happier times, so they won’t show up in your “On this day in 2013, you were much happier” posts.

It’s currently being rolled out to mobile users in the United States, but if it’s a success it’ll be available worldwide soon. You can also do most of this manually via a desktop now, but hey, who’s got time for that.

Hooray for Facebook making our lives a tiny bit easier.

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