Teenagers Are Inhaling Air Horn Gas In This Stupid New Drug Craze



The things people will do to try and get high are vast and wide-ranging. 

From mixing cough syrup with sprite, to drinking hand sanitizer, to smoking catnip – some people will do weird and crazy things for kicks. And now, there’s a new craze sweeping the USA.

Teens are ‘huffing’ air horn gas – blasting a huge honk into their mouths, along with a lot of compressed air, and probably some chemicals as well. This is in no way safe – so don’t try it – and it’s probably not the best way to get high either…

Writing on Shock Mansion, one guy described his experiences inhaling the gas:

“First your head gets a little dizzy and then you start to hear sirens. If you inhale too much, you fall down and then you go completely crazy.”

And he helpfully uploaded a video. You can watch him go ‘completely crazy’ here:

Seriously though, do not try that at home…

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