Seth Rogen Tells The Tale Of His Mad Mushroom Trip



Picture the scene. You’re in Amsterdam, back when magic mushrooms were legal. You’ve been to a few museums, you’ve strolled along the canals. Now you feel like sampling the local culture. Strip teases aren’t really up your alley, so you decide you’ll purchase some controlled substances.

You buy 60 grams of the little blighters- because that seems like a reasonable amount, right – and you take them.

The next thing you know, you’re in France.

Because actually, 60 grams of magic mushrooms is not a reasonable amount. It’s an insane amount.

We’re surprised that Seth Rogen – who this actually happened to – is alive to tell the tale.

mushrooms gif

You can watch Seth recount his story – which involves him both vomiting on horrified Dutch people and going on a very paranoid shopping trip, before he wound up in Paris – here:

Magic mushrooms have since been made illegal in the Netherlands. Probably because of stories like this one… 

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