World's Grossest Spot? Guy Pops Zit So Big It Leaves "Bullet Hole"


If you’re eating your lunch stop now, because this is the nastiest thing you’ll see all day. 

But if you do happen to be one of those people who gets something “special” out of watching ancient zits get popped, you’re in for a pus-filled treat. The footage shows the moment some guy called Brett gets his poor mum to squeeze this beast.

We’re not surprised she’s crying “Oh my heck” – we’d have passed out on the floor at this point – but she perseveres and relieves the unearthly mound of it’s gooey insides.


“This one’s a keeper” yells some clever chap in the background. A keeper? In what way is this rancid pile of pus a keeper. Shame on you. His mum, who is an absolute trooper, carries on cleaning it up until a bullet-like hole is left in the boy’s back.

One spectator says:

“This is the nastiest thing I’ve seen in my whole life.”

You’ve hit the nail on the head there, lady.

Watch it here, but warning it is seriously, seriously gross: 

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