Woman Organises Hen Party, Things Get Crazy When Facebook Finds Out



You know when you’re organising a party and then someone’s all like “I was gunna chill with John and I’d feel bad leaving him… mind if he comes along?” and you’re all “Yeah fine whatever. It’s BYO, btw.” But it’s a bit weird because you don’t really know John and it was only a small gathering really..?

Well that happened to this ladies hen party but instead of one John it was like 23,000 Johns…

Julie from Newcastle Upon Tyne had arranged the night out on Facebook but, in her haste to have a party to remember, she obviously forgot to choose the private setting.

It was only a matter of time until hordes of lads high on banter (and maybe ket) swarmed in…






dwafe  strip

Since then the party has been cancelled which, you know, is a bit of a shame.

Twitter’s not taking it well…

Were you counting down the minutes to Julie’s big night like we were?

Tell us what your plans for the big night were in the comments! 

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