This Girls Takes Scary Halloween Make-Up To The Next Level



Halloween’s coming up and you’re wondering what to wear? Sexy mouse is so overdone, Harry Potter was so 2008 and no one got your ironic couples costume last year. 

Well fear not, because makeup artist Laura Jenkinson has got some amazing Halloween tricks up her sleeve, that’ll let your face alone do the scaring. As long as you’ve got some pretty hectic artistic skills and a tonne of face paint, that is.

Based in London, Laura has attracted a massive internet following with her mad makeup skills and she claims it’s actually pretty easy:

“I’d seen loads of other fantastic makeup artists on Instagram and I wanted to do something similar and on a bigger scale so I started doing about one a week. I find a picture and then just hold it uup to the mirror as a guide and draw straight onto my face – it’s easier than you think.”

5 6

7 8

Hotel Transylvania 2 inspired… 

9 10

We’re not sure a mirror and a bit of facepaint is the key to creating this finger-of-horror:




scary smile cats face hunchback

Gross, but brilliant

1 2

We don’t even know… maybe don’t try this one at home.



Are you going to try out some of Laura’s freaky face paints at home? Send us the evidence! 


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