The Horrifying Reason One Woman Could Hear "Scratching" Sounds



Drainpipes. Famously a preference for arachnid hospitality. But what’s a spider to do when there’s no drainpipes on the go or, even worse, a load of rain comes and washes them out? They of course go to the snug hole in your face!

No not that one. Not that one either! We’re of course talking about your ear! (Left or right, they’re not picky.) How do we know this? Well…

25-year-old Li Meng was minding her own business when she started hearing scratching noises exclusive to herself. On top of that she was also subject to stabbing pains in her ear.

Did painkillers and anti-inflammatories work? About as much as much as a British train with leaves on the track… No. No they didn’t.

So Li Meng went to the doctors who quickly discovered her ear was playing host to a spider! Like a real spider. Just awful.


Doctors tried to remove it but the spider, which had webbed up her ear like a mofo, was not complying. Luckily, only a drop of medicine to calm the eight-legged freak down and a pair of tweezers to get it the hell out of her ear was needed.

Sadly, this isn’t a one-off and, genuinely, happens quite a lot. The general rule is to not freak out and start poking your fingers in your ear otherwise that will cheese it off big time and it will just go in deeper. Instead go to a doctor (or a vet?) and they’ll sort it out.

Or go to a zoo, you know the rubbish bit with the bugs that no one goes to. There’s probably some kind of spider expert there who can sort you out.

In case you were wondering, they reckon the spider climbed into her ear when Li Meng climbed a tree whilst on a hike with her boyfriend.

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