Ten Year Old Cyst Gets Popped And It's Seriously Gross



Being a doctor may seem like an attractive prospect. You get to walk around in scrubs (essentially pyjamas), you get paid good money, and everyone thinks that you’re some kind of hero.

But then one day, a man walks through the hospital doors. Good doctor that you are, you quickly discover that he has a cyst on his neck. Fair enough. You’re used to seeing disgusting thing. You can deal with this.

It turns out the man is pretty attached to his cyst. He’s named it. It’s called Vom. Vom is ten years old, and consequently, Vom has ten years of pus gathered up inside him.


As a doctor, it is your job to pop Vom.

You’re less sure you can deal with this. Being a doctor is a highly less attractive prospect when faced with ten years’ worth of pus.

Vom basically sums up why we are not doctors. We can barely watch this video, let alone consider participating in it. But, amazingly, the doctor who does actually pop the cyst (sorry – pops Vom) seems pretty upbeat, chuckling away as he dodges spurts of pus…

You can watch the end of Vom here:

Did you make it to the end? 

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