A Day in The Life Of El Chapo's Son, As Told By his Facebook



It’s like Breaking Bad, but real. El Chapo’s son – Ivan Archivaldo Guzman – has revealed what it is actually like to be in a drug cartel, through pictures posted on his Facebook. 

While the page hasn’t been confirmed as definitely belonging to El Chapo Jr, it is believed to be genuine. It is consistent with drug cartel activity across Mexico, and it features pictures that have also been posted on Guzman’s Twitter account.

Plus, when El Chapo himself escaped from prison earlier this year, the page supposedly belonging to his son posted this:


So for now, we’re going to assume that it’s real.

From what we’ve seen on the Facebook, we imagine that a day in the life of El Chapo’s son goes something like this:

8am: Wake up, and eat breakfast off a table made of money. Then hand out said money to the ‘plebes‘ (lower ranks) who have been doing a particularly good job.



10am: Ride to a nearby airfield in a very expensive car, then take a private plane to work. Enjoy the views over Mexico.




12pm: Stop for lunch. Go party with your ‘plebes‘: have a few beers, toss a few grenades…




2pm: Never mind work. Head home, and relax with your cats.

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Not a bad life. 

H/T: Vocativ
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