Man Posts His Shark Attack Wounds Just Moments After It Happened



A 27-year-old diver shared his brutal shark attack wounds on Instagram just moments after it happened.

John Braxton was attacked on Sunday afternoon at Upolu Point in Kohala, Hawaii. He was posting a video to Instagram just moments later, before he had even sought proper medical attention.

Unsurprisingly it quickly garnered plenty of attention. “I just got attacked by a tiger shark! Hoooo!,” he says as he is loaded into an ambulance.

As the camera pans down we get a gruesome look at the injuries on his leg, where there is a large split caused by the attack. It was a different kind of post to what Braxton usually went with, with most of his previous updates either being about food or inspirational quotes.

Here’s the video. Be warned, it contains very graphic content.

After seeing that wound, we’d wouldn’t be up for this ourselves, but here is a video of some people freediving with tiger sharks and it’s pretty epic.

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