One Look At Airport Security's Instagram, And We Never Want To Fly Again



In their highly popular Instagram account, the TSA post pictures of the weird and wonderful weapons they confiscate from people passing through airport security. 

While we thought that this was a rare occurrence, it turns out it happens on a daily basis. Earlier this month, the TSA discovered 67 loaded firearms hidden in people’s hand luggage in the space of a single week. And that’s not even counting knives, hammers, hand grenades or samurai swords….

Check out some of the craziest:




Potentially one of the most terrifying DIY projects we’ve ever seen:



Spot the cheese knife..


How somebody thought they could hide three samurai swords is beyond us.


And finally, we have no idea what these are, but they look illegal…


These aren’t the weirdest hand luggage discoveries though. From 51 tropical fish, to 18 severed heads, to a leg cast made entirely of cocaine, airport security staff have more than enough to keep their jobs interesting.

Have you ever accidentally taken something weird on a plane? Let us know in the comments. 

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