50 Stone Man Tried To Troll Bodybuilders, Ends Up Losing Half His Body Weight



Two years ago Jesse Shand weighed 50 stone and was unable to leave the house or even take a shower. 

He spent all of his time online either playing games or being a troll and trying to get a rise out of people. He joined a bodybuilding forum and started a thread called ‘Ask the fattest man on this site anything.’ He was hoping for and expecting abuse.

As he says on his website: “Negativity was all I had and all I was about.” But he didn’t get what he wanted. Instead of angry people hating on him, he was inundated with supportive messages from people eager to convince him it wasn’t too late to turn his life around.


“The thread immediately took off and became one of the most popular threads on the site. To my complete surprise, rather than get a rise out of the community, they started to try to convince me that it was not too late to fix my situation.

I had a million excuses and reasons that I couldn’t do it. I argued that it would take years of dedication and willpower that I simply did not have. Slowly, over time, the many voices wore me down and started to convince me that it was worth another shot.”

Jesse took small steps at first. He made tweaks to his diet, cutting down from eight chicken quesadillas at dinner to seven. It was when one user told him he would burn calories by just flopping around in his seat that his exercise regime started.

He started to track calories and record his exercise, sticking close to the body building forum for help. Take a look at him now.




It just goes to show what a little bit of encouragement can do for your motivation.

Well done Jesse.Watch this video to learn more about his epic achievement. 

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