Pigeon Caught Trying To Smuggle Naughty Stuff Into Prison


There’s a reason we don’t run a prison here at helloU; if our prisoners were smart enough to smuggle drugs in via sneaky carrier pigeon, we’d probably just let them have it… we’re kidding, obvs. Say no to drugs, kids.


But we are pretty impressed at the ingenuity of this new breed of “smuggler” animal. First it was a cat, then an iguana and now a pigeon – inmates at a certain Costa Rican prison are getting real creative these days.

On Tuesday, guards at the La Reforma Penitentia in San Jose, captured a bird that had 14 grams of cocaine and 14 grams of marijuana strapped to it in a little bum bag. The little guy was pretty much set and ready for a summer festival, all he needed were some transfer tattoos and a flower headband, until he got sent to a prison instead.

Prison Director Paul Bertozzi said: “They observed the bulge on the animal so they captured it and confirmed that it carried a bag with zipper – and the drugs were inside… It seems the dove was trained for it.”

The pigeon is apparently being locked up for 40 days so it doesn’t head straight back to the people who sent it. We assume he’ll be sent off to Burning Man instead. We’re pretty sure his name is Percy, the Drug Smuggling Pigeon. Well, maybe in our dreams.


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