This Disgusting Viral Picture Shows What Cocaine Does To Your Body


You probably don’t need to be told that cocaine is bad for you because we’ve been told by various outlets hundreds of times.


But it’s easy to dismiss such warnings. What people need is a picture. A picture to show what can happen when you indulge yourselves in narcotics…

Go Howard Farran! … He’s a dentist, by the way. Ol’ Howard has posted a picture online of one of the side effects of taking cocaine, he describes it as “palatal perforation due to cocaine abuse

In essence, it’s just a damn big hole where there shouldn’t be one. 

WARNING: The image below is frightfully graphic and may make one feel particularly queezy. View at your own discretion… 


According to

Cocaine snorting damages nasal health in several different ways.

Under the influence of cocaine, the sympathetic nervous system significantly narrows blood vessels throughout the body, including the vessels that send blood to the tissues in the nasal cavity.

Consequences of this narrowing include an increase in blood pressure and a drop in the amount of blood that can easily flow through the vessels at any given time.

Without their required blood supply, the tissues in the nasal cavity start to undergo destructive changes in their normal level of function and overall health.

Well how delightfully disgusting. Don’t do drugs, kids. Don’t even think of them. Click here instead…

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