Tooth Whitening Kit Leads To Hole In Man's Throat And Almost Kills Him



There’s nothing wrong with a bit of personal DIY, but if there’s one thing this story teaches us, it’s to be extra careful when using any at-home beauty products. 

Jake Barrett, 22, from Northamptonshire, was left with a gaping hole in his throat after he used a tooth whitening kit to get a Channing Tatum worthy smile.The sales assistant was left with a ‘grape-sized’ sac of peroxide bleach (well, that’s well and truly put us off our fruit) under his tongue, following an agonising reaction to Crest 1hr Express Strips.

Two days after he applied the treatment, a painful cyst full of poison started to develop under his tongue. Doctors later explained that it could have burst at any moment and burned down to his stomach, killing him – terrifying. He endured the pain for six days before finally admitting himself to the A&E department at Kettering Hospital, where doctors discovered the dangerous ball of hydrogen peroxide.


Speaking about the horrifying ordeal, Jake said:

 “I wasn’t sure what the liquid was or why it had formed, but I assumed I would be OK and that the penicillin I was taking for something else would treat that, too. But over the next few days, the bulge continued to grow until I could barely swallow. I was limited to drinking smoothies and soup, but even they didn’t go down easily – eventually I gave up and went to the hospital.”

Hydrogen peroxide is found in several whitening treatments, but can also be found in bleach, disinfectants and even home-made explosives. Mmm, tasty.

Barrett had to undergo an emergency three hour operation to drain the sac. An incision was made under his chin and a tube poked through to train the dangerous fluids, leaving him with THIS gaping hole:


He also had one of his back teeth removed, because it had become infected with peroxide, but after ten days in hospital he was finally allowed home:

“I was so focused on getting a Hollywood smile I didn’t stop to think about the damage it might do to my teeth. When you buy beauty products you just assume they are safe – especially when it’s a big name like Crest. When I found out the chemical could have poisoned me, I was in shock. Now, I feel lucky to be alive.”

Mr Barrett has vowed to avoid DIY beauty products, but did not let the experience put him off having a Hollywood smile, spending £100 to have them professionally laser whitened: “DIY beauty treatments are a complete hazard – I had no idea what was in the products or how to use them properly and the consequence was terrifying. I’ve got my gleaming teeth – now I just need to work on my six-pack.”

Has this put you off of DIY beauty kits? 

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