Terrifying See-Through Sleep Pods That Hang 400 Feet Above Peru’s Sacred Valley



Thrill-seeking! Go for some bike ride across a mountain road that isn’t wide enough, matchbox car, or stick your head in a lions mouth. And then combine thrill-seeking with sleeping. Because you can afford it…

Yes. Thrill-seeking travellers can now stay in Skylodge. The see-through polycarbonate is made of 3 glass “pods”  400 feet (122m) above the ground on a cliff-face in the Peruvian Andes.

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The pods overlook Sacred Valley – a region renowned for its astonishing scenery, complete with small villages and crazy-dangerous roads.


But the stay doesn’t come easily. No. First you have to face a 400-foot climb up a steel ladder embedded into the almost completely vertical cliff front or, failing that, you can hike and take the zip wire…


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Also you have to pay around 300 USD per night.

But have a look at their nifty video!

Impressed? Then why don’t you go already?!


Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Would you choose that, or a luxurious city or beach break?

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