Stephen Hawking's Daughter Just Put Katie Hopkins In Her Place


Lucy Hawking, daughter of legendary physicist Stephen Hawking, has written an open letter to Katie Hopkins urging her to stop making life harder for disabled people.


In response to Hopkins’ analysis of the leaders’ debate earlier this month, Hawking took to the internet to pen an open letter in a bid to put help Katie Hopkins see the error of her ways. This comes not long after presenter Loraine Kelly refused point blank to have Hopkins on her show.

Hopkins’ most recent drama involves a set of tweets in which she suggested Ed Miliband displayed characteristics of autism. So, after already causing controversy in her comments related to obesity, mental illness, alzheimer’s and and a range of other topics, she’s still not shying away from making her opinions known.

Hopkins posted several tweets,  describing the Labour leader as “weird”, accusing him of “staring” and urging him to: “Try and act off the spectrum”.



After explaining the difficulties she experienced in the 70’s, growing up with a disabled father when such a thing was a rarity, talking of how people made comments, stared and refused them service in restaurants. She explains it to Hopkins by explaining that “In fact, it was like growing up with a whole world of people like you [Hopkins], everywhere, all the time.”

Hawking goes on to reveal that her “very sweet, polite, hard-working, kind and generally lovely” son is autistic, but does stare at strangers from time to time. She sometimes steps in to explain – but people in response are typically very kind and compassionate.

But if he were staring at you, I presume it wouldn’t be okay, that you would make a laughing stock out of him.” She says “You would use his disability against him – and you wouldn’t care how embarrassed, hurt or distressed he was. Because it wouldn’t matter to you. Don’t you think kids with autism have enough to deal with already? “society?”

When someone with your public profile tells others that it’s okay to mock people with disabilities, you cause enormous damage.”

I don’t know what you are paid to express such unreserved and trenchant views, but it surely cannot be enough.” She continues, before reminding Hopkins of the imminent end of her career, and pointing out that all she will be left with is “no viable career and a backwash of hatred of a staggering acidity and volume.

And if you think that was the end of what Hawking had to say, you will be very mistaken, as she closed her letter with the following statement:

To be honest, I don’t really care what happens to you. But I do care what happens to people with disabilities and their families, and I care that you are making difficult lives even more challenging. Please stop.

We don’t know, but we’re pretty sure we heard a mic drop at the end of that one.

Read the full letter here

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