Plus-Size Model Delivers Her Response To Beach Body Advert


Body shaming has been hot on the lips this week, and it’s all because of this “beach body” advert by Protein World. The now infamous ad, which features bikini-clad Australian model Renee Sommerfield, was asking commuters whether they were “beach body ready” in a promotion for weight loss aids.

YouGov conducted a poll on the subject which found that the majority of British women (55%) believe the Protein World advert is offensive, as it makes women feel self-conscious: “Like they have to be slim to wear a bikini”.


In backlash against the ad campaign people started to deface them until recently TFL agreed to remove them from the London Underground. 

Swimsuitsforall are the latest to get involved. They posted an image of plus-size model Ashley Graham wearing a bikini against a yellow background, with the question: “Are you ready for this beach body?”

They have since tweeted the image with the caption, “Yes we are. ALL bodies are #BeachBodyReady.”

They join a growing list of brands who are chipping in with their own take on the ad campaign. Skincare brand, Dove were among the first to get involved.

Fiona Longmuir, a lifestyle blogger,  posted her response with a picture showing her and a friend in bikinis in front of the advert.

The caption reads: “You’re god damn right we’re beach body ready. Exactly as we are.”

Rennee Sommerfield, the model in the original that caused so much controversy, has hit back at critics and defended he campaign. She told the Huffington Post:

“I agree that ALL bodies are ‘beach body ready’. Skinny, curvy, muscular, petite, tall, short, young and old. Confidence is beautiful no matter what size you are…. Your reflection doesn’t define your worth.”

“I am a real person behind the image. I work very hard and live a healthy and active lifestyle which is why Protein World chose me for their campaign. I couldn’t work every day as a full time model by starving myself, dieting or not looking after my body. Nourish your body, be kind to it and it will love you right back, no matter your size,” she says.

“Protein World’s intention is to motivate and inspire their consumers to be the best, healthiest and fittest version of themselves, not to advertise that you have to look a particular way to be ‘beach body ready.”

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