Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Result Questioned By Conspiracy Theorists After Scorecard Blunder


Floyd Mayweather beat Manny Pacquiao on points in Las Vegas after all three judges marked Mayweather as the victor. But, the plot thickens after some very keen people on the internet realised all three judges had them marked in the wrong corners. They had Mayweather down as being in the red corner, even though he was in the blue – and vice versa.



This administrative error has ignited conspiracy theorists from across the world to question whether Mayweather deserved his win.

Judges Glenn Feldman, Burt Clements and Dave Moretti, named ‘white’, ‘blue’ and ‘pink’ on the scorecard respectively, all award Mayweather victory on the night but in every column where they mark their scores at the end of the round, he is labelled as being in the red corner. On the bottom right of the scorecard, issued by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it says ‘Mayweather won by unanimous decision’  underneath Moretti’s name.

All though this is probably nothing more than a small administrative error, some fans are certain this is the only way that Mayweather could have won.

Retired boxer Evader Holyfield was among those questioning the outcome of the fight when he was quoted saying that he ”thought Pacquiao won a poor fight.”

Other took to social media to discuss the mix-up in the scoring system




Do you think these conspiracy theories could be true? Who do you think should have won? Let us know in the comments


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