Definitely The Creepiest Animal You're Ever Going To See. Ever.


So you’re browsing the web for videos. You see there’s one about a worm that a lot of people have been talking about. You watch it. Then you pretend you’re going to be able to sleep just fine for the next year.

Introducing the ribbon worm, a member of the Nemertea phylum of primitive invertebrates. And, just so you can sleep easier tonight, it’s trying to eat that man’s hand. Eat it.

That white stuff is it’s proboscis. It’s a muscular structure that lives inside of the worm which is then shot out just above it’s mouth to grasp on to any prey. In some of the worms, it’s poisonous (but not against humans because we’re so darn big). In fact, in 1864, a ribbon worm washed up on a Scottish beach. It was 55 metres (180 ft) long…

We promise it’s not an alien. Just a big ol’ worm with a poisonous hand that it keeps in it’s stomach. 

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