Dad makes Son Destroy Xbox For Bad Grades. Is This Good Parenting?


Parenting. Like it or loathe it, parenting is a thing. Shocker. Recently there has been a fad of “good” parents executing their “good” parenting on film, and uploading it to YouTube so everyone can see how good they are at raising sprogs.

These videos range from public shaming of their children who have been bullies, filming a son and shaming him as he wears his trouser too low, and now, there is a video of a father ordering his son to smash his Xbox due to his poor grades.

Whether or not the kid did bad, you can’t help but feel sorry for him…

What you’re about to watch contains bad language and graphic scenes (if you’re really into hardware)

So what do you think? Is this “Good Parenting” gone too far? Is the kid going to learn a valuable life lesson from this? Let us know in the comments!

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