Can You Tell The Difference Between A Sex Toy And A Dog Toy?


“Is that a dog toy or a sex toy?” – It’s an age old question we’re sure you’re constantly mulling over in your head. You were probably thinking it just before you saw this article which, usually, would be a coincidence but since everyone’s always thinking that, it’s less shocking.


Because it is a breakfast question...

College Humor¬†decided that they would take it in to their own hands and answer the questions once and for all in a video were they quizzed the staff, a dog, and a sex toy expert named Godess Eos… with a namer like that, she hardly had a choice what job she was going to have.

Can You Tell The Difference Between A Dog Toy And A Sex Toy?

Here are the ‘toys’ in question…






How do you think you did? Have a look at the answers in the video…

Let us know how you did in the comments… bear in mind, it’s weird if you got them all right.

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