6 Times Customer Service Absolutely Nailed It


Having to deal with customer service can be a nightmare at the best of times. Most of the time you fear you’ll have to talk to a robot or, even worse, someone who hates their job and really couldn’t care less if you leave with a smile on your face or not. 

That’s why it comes as a refreshing surprise when you stumble upon a few gems like these 6 wonderful people who knew just how to give the customer what they wanted with a little extra pazazz.

1. When you need help but you also want to get those ideas of your chest…



2. When you’re order hasn’t come through and you get put on the line to a God…



3. There’s a bug on a video but that’s the least of your problems when you’re all of a sudden a Lt.




4. We new the secret Netflix files were real. Illuminati confirmed. 



5. Got to love Step Brothers. Even when you’re in the middle of making a tree house.



6. That’s just something else. Bravo. Nice one. Congratuwelldone…



So customer service isn’t all that bad. Not when you get one of these bad boys/girls.

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