This Woman Photoshopped Herself Into "The Perfect Body" After Nasty Online Comments


Cassey Ho has just successfully proved that there really is no pleasing some people. Cassey is a social media fitness guru known for creating blogilatesa YouTube channel that teaches audiences Pilates and bootcamp workouts.

Cassey received heaps of mean comments from viewers about her body. So, she decided to give herself “ThePerfect Body” with a little Photoshop tinkering, adding in all the features that had been mentioned in the nasty comments. 

Here’s the video:

Before releasing the video, she posted an Instagram selfie without telling anyone she changed her body through Photoshop…


And guess what. People were still throwing insults at her. 



Let’s be honest, we all know Cassey had an amazing body anyway.

She has proved here that no matter what you do, there will always be haters. 

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