This Woman Just Hit Her Cheating Boyfriend Where It Hurts Most


Cheating, never a pleasant thing to be caught on the end of. That’s why people usually lose their cool when it happens. Like this Japanese girl, who instead of serving her revenge cold decided to serve it in a bathtub.

Her boyfriend was a huge Apple fanboy, and so what she learned that he had done the dirty on her she decided to drown all of his beloved Apple devices in the bathtub as punishment. For Apple fanboys, this is a treacherous punishment of unthinkable proportions.


Twitter user @foolishnessfly2 collected what looks to be a dozen or so products and soaked them in soap, ensuring as much damage as possible was done. She then posted the image with the caption “Heartache” onto Twitter.

Her tweet has amassed over 15,000 retweets indicating she has probably won the support of the Internet with her move.

Her fella, though, is still probably feeling the burn, that was quite the collection he had on the go. Was, being the operative word. 

H/T: Daily Dot

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