Woman Asks 100 Men For Sex - Can You Guess How Many Of Them Say Yes?


Courting a lover is hassle, isn’t it? Sometimes you think it would just be a whole lot easier if you could walk over to someone and straight up ask for sex… don’t you?

Well that’s what Youtuber¬†Andrea Wendel did with Whatever.com. She took to the streets and asked 100 different men if they could take their meeting to a more horizontal basis.

Basically she asked 100 strangers for sex. And you may be a little surprised with the answer. 30 said yes!

This video came after a similar social experiment where a man asked 100 women for sex, all of whom said no.

Take a look for yourself…

You can’t help but wonder what happened after they said yes…

What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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