Wiz Khalifa Releases Emotional Tribute To Paul Walker



Wiz Khalifa has paid tribute to Paul Walker by releasing a music video to coincide with the release of Fast and Furious 7.

The song titled ‘See You Again’ features clips of Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner throughout the Fast And Furious franchise, the video also includes the character’s final scenes.

Mike Knobloch told The Huffington Post the reasoning behind the choice of song.

“Getting the music right for the sequence was a key part of that. To have a song that’s earnest and sincere and could underscore a celebration of Paul’s life. To be an anthem for that. We worked really hard to dial that in.”

Walker died in 2013 after his car burst into flames whilst travelling. He was part way through filming Fast and Furious 7 at the time.

Watch the full video here, keep a tissue handy.

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