Watch Four Swedish Cops Stop Vicious Assault On New York Subway



Take a break, go on holiday, see the sights of New York and forget about work for a while. That’s probably what these four Swedish police officers thought they were doing but after less than a day they were tangled up in a pretty nasty scene on the New York subway.

The four men were taking a train to Broadway to watch a performance of the musical Les Miserables when the operator of the train started frantically notifying passengers that an assault was going down in the front carriage, and if there was any police officers on board could they please go and put a stop to the chaotic bedlam.

At the next stop the Swedes went pounding over to the front of the train, saw that one passenger was viciously beating another who wasn’t even trying to defend himself, and they stepped up. By stepped up we mean put the attacker in an arm lock until the local cops arrived.

Makrys Asberg, one of the Swedish guys, said: “We came here for vacation; we’ve been here one day. We’re not heroes, just tourists.”

Another member of the group, Samuel Kvarzell, told DNA Info “We don’t have authority or anything but we thought somebody might need help.”

There you have it, it’s the opening scene to a blockbuster, that’s for sure. We just need it to be the start of a snowballing series of crimes in which the four men end up capturing the country’s biggest drug mule and we then have ourselves a box office smash.

Or the four noble officers could just have a pleasant and relaxing time during the rest of their holiday, safe in the knowledge that they have done their bit. Yeah, maybe that one. 

New York Post, DNA Ino

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