The Heart-Wrenching Story Of The The House That Inspired 'UP'



Remember Up? The heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking story of an old man who didn’t want to sell his house to ‘The Man’ and so flew it to South America with the power of balloons? Well that happened… not the balloon bit.


Edith Macefield was born in Oregon in 1921. Having lied about her age to join the military service, she ended up in England where it was discovered she wasn’t 18. She then remained overseas to care for the many orphans of war. In 1952 she returned to America to care for her mother who later, sadly, died and left her little cottage to Edith in her will.

Little did she know the house would spark so much controversy…

In 2006, Edith refused a $1,000,000 bid for the house to so it could be destroyed and used for commercial development and instead chose to stay and see out her remaining years there.


 “I don’t want to move. I don’t need the money. Money doesn’t mean anything

In an unexpected twist, Edith became friends with with Barry Martin, the construction supervisor of the project that had offered to buy Ms. Macefield’s house. For the next few years, he would drive her to where she needed to go, visit her and make sure she was in good form.

Edith Macefield sadly passed away in 2008 and left the house, in her will, to Barry. He then preceded to sell the house to the company in question who, upon starting construction, failed to get finance and so the house went into foreclosure.


The house is now for sale and will be until the 20th of April, when the last bids are taken. In all likelihood, the house is expected to be immediately knocked down to make way for a new skyscraper or something but, in the meantime, people have shown their respect for the resilient Edith Macefield by tying colourful balloons to the property.

H/T: Buzzfeed, MoviePilot

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