The United Church Of Bacon Is Under Attack From Non-Believers


Bacon. Everybody loves bacon… except for the Jewish, the Muslims, vegetarians, vegans, and people who just don’t like bacon.

That still leaves a few people who like bacon and some of those people have gotten together to form the Church of Bacon. Needless to say it’s in Las Vegas and you can of course get married by the bacon priest which is… romantic?


Despite the whole bacon approach, the Church was founded by atheists to protect other non-believers from discrimination.

Famous, Vegas-based magician, Penn Jillette is a member and has been called their Sunday school teacher by the Church.

The bank, Well Fargo, has refused to sign off the documents for the Church which has been branded as discrimination by the religious organisation itself.


 ‘We’re not immoral. We’re not un-American. That’s what we’re trying to get corrected.’ Says Founder John Whiteside, a former combat pilot.

We enjoy people mocking us. We mock ourselves. This isn’t supposed to offend anyone.’

Would you be a member of this church? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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