Teenage Treasure Hunter Found Much More Than He Bargained For



A little while ago James Cork was busying himself with his metal detector on the Somerset Levels, looking for bits of scrap metal, when he stumbled across a massive stash of once deadly weapons.

James, 16, and his mate were partaking in magnet fishing, dangling his magnet in the water with a rope, when he realised he’d got something. He probably thought he’d caught a multipack of coke or something, only to haul up 40 weapons.                

James said:

“I was shocked. I’ve never found anything like this before. There were a few whole weapons, but not many. Some were machine guns, pistols and revolvers. And there was a massive machine gun on a stand.”


He had discovered what some experts believe could have been an IRA weapons dump. Among the haul were parts of a Nazi MG 42 light machine gun and a Czech SA23 9mm submachine gun.

James threw most of the weapons back in the water but kept a 1930’s Smith & Wesson. As soon as his mum saw it she freaked out and called the police, which is exactly what you should do if you come home one day to find your son waving a gun around.

The police dredged the river and destroyed the weapons saying that they were incomplete and non-functional anyway, which is  probably exactly what James was wanting to say to his mum when she called the cops in the first place.

A story about guns and nobody got hurt, we’ll take that.

Let’s hope that next time James goes magnet fishing it ends up a bit more like this…


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