Teen Tried To Kiss A Snake... Gets A Darwin Award


Snakes famously like being kissed by teenagers so it came as a massive shock to the whole world when one Florida based teen was rushed to Tampa hospital after being bitten in the face as a result of it.


Yeah… Big shock. Austin Hatfield loves snakes. You only have to look at his Facebook account to see that. Everything was turned on its head, however, when he got bitten by a Water Moccasin (the snake, not the shoe) after, he claimed, it escaped from a pillow case. His friends had a different story, though. 


According to them, he was doing his favourite stunt -kissing the 4ft snake snake- when, on the 13th go, it got fed up and bit him on the face… is that even a stunt? 

James Belcher, his friend, had this to say “We were sitting in the kitchen, and he ran out of the room saying, ‘Hospital, hospital, now, now‘”. Hatfield was hospitalized in critical condition.

Maybe he should have taken the hint when the first one bit him a while ago?


This was posted on his Facebook wall with the caption “Bast*rd bit me”…

While he is still in ‘bad shape’, the Florida native is expected to make a full recovery. 


Tell us your thoughts! Are we the odd ones for not kissing snakes?


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