Student Applies For Babysitter Job, Male Employer Has Other Ideas



Maisie Galey, 18, applied for a babysitting job that she saw advertised on Craigslist. Unfortunately the father in question was looking for much more than a babysitter.

Maisie, who is studying primary teaching at St Mary’s University in Twickenham, sent her CV and then received a pretty grotesque reply.

See below and try not to vomit a little.


Speaking to News Shopper, Maisie said. “It was just a normal advert, a normal babysitting advert for south east London. It said he had children, it didn’t say their ages though.”

“Within an hour he replied. All my other replies were normal, when I opened it I thought that’s disgusting.

“I’ve never received anything like that. I really wasn’t expecting that”

Unsurprisingly she didn’t pursue the ‘vacancy’ any further.

We’re thinking she should have sent him some requests of her own and left him stranded there dressed as Borat awaiting her arrival. 

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