Snorting A Single Line Of Cocaine Changes Your Brain Permanently



If you were clicking through hoping that we were going to say it makes you permanently smarter, we can only apologise. Those mad scientists have been getting mice high and have made a new discovery in the process.

They suggest that snorting one line can change your brain permanently. A single dose was found to change a molecular mechanism in the brain’s reward centre. That change could mean that people are more likely to relapse into drug addiction after stressful events.

The study, carried out by the University of East Anglia, was only tested on mice, but they do have the same receptors as human brains. (Is this why we both like cheese? And why cats hate us?)

Dr Peter McCormick from the School of Pharmacy said: ‘Relapse among cocaine addicts is a major problem. We wanted to find out what causes it.

‘We showed that cocaine disrupts the interaction between receptors and these changes could increase the risk of relapse under stressful conditions.

‘Importantly, we identify a potential mechanism for protection against such relapse.

‘Although our study is in rodents, the same receptors have been shown to impact human stress and drug addiction.

So, we have a lot in common with mice then…


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