Science Says Swearing Makes You A Tough, Emotional Badass (Slightly Embellished Title)



Science has spoken. It’s time to collate your four-letter expletives and show how tough and emotional you are.

Dr Richard Stephens of Keele University has spent years working towards delivering his findings, focussing on two specific experiments. 

In the first experiment the subjects were asked to play video games. The findings showed profanity is used as an emotional coping mechanism which makes us feel more resilient.

Dr Stephens said: ‘The video games made people feel more aggressive so their language became more emotional and they swore. This explains swearing and makes it more acceptable. 

‘We want to use more taboo words when we are emotional. We grow up learning what these words are and using these words while we are emotional can help us to feel stronger. 

‘Some words are more taboo than others – but the effects can be greater, the stronger the word.’ 


For the second test participants were given a glass of cold water filled with ice and split into two groups. One group was told to swear and another told to be quiet. The group that were allowed to use all the nasty words they wanted held onto the glass for longer. 

‘The stereotype is that those who swear have a low IQ or are inarticulate is wrong. It is rich emotional language,‘ Dr Stephens said. 

So there we have it, it’s time to turn the air blue and make yourself a better person in the process. 

Wait, hold the front page! 

You don’t want to overdo it on the old obscenities. 

Dr Stephens also said, ‘The more often someone swears, the less effective it is.’ 

That’s a spanner in the works. So perhaps it’s best to store up those profanities for when you really need them, like when you’re trying to thread a needle or win a losing argument.

H/T: The Daily Mail

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