Ricky Gervais Ridicules Giraffe-Killing Hunter Who Has 'No Regrets'


Ricky Gervais took to Twitter to mock the self-styled ‘huntress’ who posted a picture next to a dead giraffe. 

Gervais’ latest post is in retaliation to Rebecca Francis saying she had ‘no regrets’ about shooting the animal with a longbow. 


Francis says that she has had ‘hundreds of thousands’ of death threats after the pictures circulated online. The tweet by Gervais alone was retweeted 17,000 times.

In an interview with Hunting Life magazine Francis claims that she shot the animal out of kindness.

She said, ‘I was approached toward the end of my hunt with a unique circumstance. They showed me this beautiful old bull giraffe that was wandering all alone.

‘He had been kicked out of the herd by a younger and stronger bull. He was past his breeding years and very close to death.

‘They asked me if I would preserve this giraffe by providing all the locals with food and other means of survival.

‘He was inevitably going to die soon and he could either be wasted or utilized by the local people.

‘Once he was down there were people waiting to take his meat. They also took his tail to make jewellery, his bones to make other things, and did not waste a single part of him.

‘I am grateful to be a part of something so good.’

Ricky doesn’t seem to be buying it though…


On her website Francis lists the animals she has ‘taken with a bow’: ‘A 10 1/2 ft. brown bear, black bear, shiras moose, alaskan moose,  dall sheep, stone sheep, desert bighorn ram, rocky mountain bighorn ram, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, mountain goat, antelope, arapawa ram, kudu, zebra, black wildebeest, giraffe, springbuck, blesbuck, lynx, badger, and squirrel.’

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