Pornhub Send Surprise To Guy Whose Mum Almost Caught Him In The Act


Remember this guy?


Well if you hadn’t, we’re pretty sure that tweet is fairly self-explanatory.

To summarise, young Denzel was… enjoying his own company when he heard his mother approaching and so deemed it fit to lash out on his laptop, which had some rather compromising images on it, in order to stop his mother from seeing that he enjoys naked people.

The antagonists themselves, Pornhub, found out about Denzel’s problem and responded with a move of both friendliness and top-draw PR.


Very inconspicuous…

Vice-President of Pornhub, Corey Price had these illuminating words to say:

We got wind of what happened to Denzel and his laptop over the last few days, and realize that this is a common, yet tragic modern day mis-FAP of the average Pornhub fan.

“We appreciate Denzel’s loyalty, as well as his clear sense of judgement in picking our site as a digital destination for some adult oriented R&R. As a result, we would like to send him a brand new laptop alongside some awesome Pornhub swag to use for his continued pleasure.”


So, Denzel, it looks like you’ve come out of this one a richer man. A few words of advice though:

In the unlikely event of a similar situation happening again, consider that Laptops come with hinges for a reason. Also we hope that your mother doesn’t have access to the internet because you’re famous…

Tell us your thoughts of this whole episode in the comments!

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