Playschool Tells 5-Year-Old Her Dress Is Inappropriate, Her Dad Responds Like a Hero


In a post for the Houston Press titled “The Apparently Immoral Shoulders of My Five-Year-Old Daughter,” cool guy and all around great father, Jef Rouner, describes what happened when his little girl picked out a rainbow dress with spaghetti straps to wear to playschool.


Rouner describes how his daughter made her fateful fashion decision: “She’d had her heart set on wearing her rainbow sun dress since the weather warmed up so I finally acquiesced and let her.”

But when Rouner picked his daughter up that day, she wasn’t so cheerful. She revealed that her school had made her put on a T-shirt because “Spaghetti straps are against the rules,”. They also had her put on jeans under her full-length dress.

In his blog post, Rouner admits he had been waiting for this day, saying “I’m not surprised to see the dress code shaming come into my house. I have after all been sadly waiting for it since the ultrasound tech said, “It’s a girl.” I didn’t think, though that it would make an appearance when she was five years old.” He then goes on to point out that “there are literally no male-specific guidelines anywhere on that list.” and that there are no rules pertaining to the showing of a boy’s torso, and made a very valid point when he said “She’s five. Cut her hair and put her next to a boy with no shirt on and she is fundamentally identical

He goes on to explain the origins of the dress, reminding readers and any school officials reading that “[he] didn’t pick up my daughter’s dress at My First Stripperwear. It’s not repurposed fetish gear from a store for very short people. It’s a dress from a mall chain store in her size.

To conclude his great response to his daughter’s playschool dresscode, he summed everything up when he explained the loss of her innocence:

Now I have this child, the one that argues scientific points about everything from the top speed of land animals in Africa to the classification of the planets with me endlessly, wordlessly accepting that a dress with spaghetti straps, something sold in every Walmart in America right now, is somehow bad. Wrong. Naughty. And most importantly that the answer is to cover up.

His daughter’s school might be sending that message, but this dad is going to do everything he can to challenge it. And most importantly,  he’s going to keep letting his daughter wear that dress. 

The next time the kid wants to wear her dress I’m going to let her,” he says,  “and I’m going to tell her that there’s nothing wrong with it or her because she is dressed in a perfectly normal manner and cute as a button to boot. I’m going to tell her that some people think a girl who shows too much skin is wrong or dangerous, but that those people are, for want of a better term, lackwitted thugs living in a bad place. And if anyone tells her to change I’m going to advise her to ask why and to keep on asking that person “Why?” until she gets an answer she likes.”

Read his full piece here


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