This New School Design Encourages Kids To Embrace Their Silly Selves


They say breakfast is the most important meal as it gets you started for the rest of the day. So, by that logic, those first few years at school must be among the most important stages in a human’s life as it sets you up for the ride.


With that in mind, an innovative headmaster and a willing architect joined forces the create this school in Tokyo that lets young kids run riot and provides them with the foundations on which to build their lives at the same time.

Instead of keeping the little kiddiwinks sat down in a quiet room, architect, Takaharu Tezuka, explains how the shape and function of this building can aid a child’s development. For a start it’s a big circle/ring which allows the children to run around endlessly because kids love to run.


Secondly, there are no walls dividing the classrooms from each other and the outdoors. The theory behind this is ‘If the boy in the corner don’t [sic] want to stay in the room, we let him go. And he’ll come back eventually because the circle comes back.’ Also, in his talk, Takaharu Tezuka mentioned that people are waterproof for a reason and children should embrace the outdoors.


Children, when made to sit down and concentrate, get nervous and feel confined by a room. The wall-less element of the building comes into play then too. Noise is encourage as well as it is believed that humans thrive in a loud environment.


You may have guessed that, since children are running on the roof and climbing trees, safety isn’t the foremost priority for this school. This is not due to poor foresight, however. The headmaster believes that small doses of danger are imperative for a child’s development as it teaches them of consequences. 

Watch this. You’ll be inspired.

So is it the way forward? It’s hard to tell. We’ll have to wait until the kids grow up to see if there are any real encouraging signs but for now we can admire refreshing and thoughtful take on education.

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H/T: Upworthy

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