NASA Will Pay You £12K To Lie In Bed For Three Months



It seems like it’s either one extreme or the other with NASA. You either catapult yourself thousands of miles into space or you don’t move at all.

The job spec is a difficult one, you must lie very still in bed for 70 straight days. That sounds fab to us, the big question is are boxsets provided? We’d hope so, a budget the size of NASA’s better had find the cash to stock us up on Game of Thrones, The Sopranos and The Walking Dead if they expect is to lay around on our backsides all day, jeez.

The ‘relaxtronauts’ are paid £12,000 at the end of 10 solid weeks of nothing. The gig starts out with three weeks of relaxation in a nice facility, but then the experiment intensifies and participants pretty much have to lie as still as possible for the most part. Nothing is mentioned about getting a scratch in an awkward place. Oh, and not to mention conducting all toilet activity in a bedpan. For a £12k wedge though it seems pretty reasonable.

The last couple of weeks you will begin exercising again to restore limb some limb function.


Why are they offering all of this?

It’s all part of their research into the effect of zero-G on the body. When you’re up there in space, feeling like the master of the universe, your muscles waste away. When astronauts from the Space Station come back to Earth they are unable to walk on the planet’s gravity.

Participants need to be healthy and lazy, an incredibly odd combination to find.

Do you know anyone that fits the bill? Let them know that NASA needs them. Apply here

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