Mum Gets Angry Letter From Friends Sick Of Hearing About Her Baby


Most of us know someone that is often posting updates about their baby onto Facebook. The big question is, does it rattle your cage? Does it turn you into an enraged wobbly mess steaming from the ears? Does it make you want to write them a long and descriptive letter telling them to stop because you ‘DON’T’ care and are ‘SO OVER’ it?

Well, these disgruntled friends did exactly that, they allegedly sent recent mother Jade Ruthven a letter asking her to chill the hell out with the constant baby updates. 


Ruthven was so hurt by the letter that she sent it to Australian comedian Em Rusciano, who in turn shared it with her thousands of followers…


Are you ready for this week’s column?! One of you contacted me about a letter you’d received from some “friends” about…

Posted by Em Rusciano on Monday, 13 April 2015


Here’s what her fans thought to the letter. 



Here’s one of Jade’s posts with her baby, pretty cute eh?


Has this given you any ideas? Are you typing an angry letter to that girl from school, the one who used to be in your English class, right now? Or do you think they took it too far? Tell us in the comments…

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